The Bieber family is traced back to Kirberg, Hessen, Germany. Members of the family emigrated to Landestreu, Galicia in the early 1780's. By 1850 some of the family had moved to Neudorf, Ottynia, near Kolomea. By 1875 members of the Bieber family were in Ryshkanovka, Bessarabia. By 1880 some of them had moved to Droshdieni, about ten km north of Strembeni. Members of the family emigrated from Strembeni to the Pheasant Forks area, Northwest Territories in the early 1890's. The Geres family followed a very similar trail from the Landestreu region to Strembeni.            
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Acknowledgements :   The genealogical information included here was obtained from family sources, from the Daum CD's of Galicia, and from the LDS film archives.
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  Dick Gattinger, Ottawa, 2013.
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